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Empower Yourself with Financial Knowledge


Our Wealth Creation Education Courses bridge the gap between your current financial situation and your future goals. Investing in your education is a key step towards financial empowerment.

Welcome to The Knowledge Hub

Access our extensive library of online courses and webinars designed to deepen your financial understanding and help you achieve success.

Welcome to The Knowledge Hub

Welcome to the soulful money wealth-creation course library!


Our experienced team of money coaches and wealth management specialists have designed an extensive (and ever-growing) library of online courses and monthly webinars, helping you deepen your financial understanding as you proceed with your plan. 


Be sure to visit this resource frequently as you climb the ladder of financial success and your thirst for financial education evolves and grows.

View Guided  

Personalized Guidance 
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Your coach will hold you accountable and ensure you stay on track to attain your goals, even when the going gets tough.


Kids Money Course
₪ 350.00

Recommended for children between the ages of 10 to 14.

Teach your children vital money management skills effortlessly with MoneyTime! Our engaging online program makes learning about finances enjoyable for kids, ensuring they enter adulthood equipped to make sound financial choices. With 30 interactive modules, each just 20 minutes long, children earn virtual money for correct answers and learn the value of budgeting, spending wisely, and investing in their future. Join us today to give your child a head start in financial literacy!


Financially Smarter Couples
₪ 680

Struggle with money as a couple? You're not alone. But imagine working together to budget, save, and reach financial goals!

Open communication and teamwork can turn financial stress into a shared journey. Build an equal partnership, regardless of income, by understanding each other's money mindsets.


Money Magic program
₪ 3,360

On Money Magic you get coaching, guidance and a supportive community to hold your hand while you take the life-changing steps of creating a phenomenal Financial Future for yourself and your family.

Whether you feel like you are money-beginner or you already have some knowledge, the Money Magic program will help you make your money start working for you.


Guided  Group course
₪ 11,250

Embark on a transformative journey with Ilana and a community of like-minded individuals ready to redefine their relationship with money.

Our Guided Group Coaching Course is designed to turn your money fears into financial empowerment and your dreams into achievable goals.


VIP Signature Course
₪ 21,400

Unlock Your Personal Transformation with the 'VIP Signature' One-on-One Coaching Program. Embark on a journey of profound personal and professional transformation with the 'VIP Signature' course. Tailored specifically for individuals and solopreneurs, this program offers unparalleled flexibility and customization to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Experience the depth of one-on-one coaching, lifetime access to extensive resources, and the support of a vibrant community.

Affiliate Courses

Let us join you on this transformative journey to discover the wealth that will change your life.
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