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Website Policy

Your coach will hold you accountable and ensure you stay on track to attain your goals, even when the going gets tough.

Welcome to (hereinafter: the “Website”) operate by _Soulful Money Israel_ (hereinafter: the “Company”).

Any use of this Website constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.


1. The Website provides services as follows: A holistic financial planning service offering all clients - Life insurance, short term insurance and investment advice; Subscription to the dashboard; Accessing courses; Accessing coaches (hereinafter: the “Services”). The Services are subject to the terms and conditions in the regulations set forth.

2. By ordering the Services, the user declares that he read the terms and regulations, understood them, and agreed to them.  The terms and regulations constitute a binding agreement between the user and the Website and/or the Company.

3. The user confirms that he is over the age of 18 and able to perform binding legal actions.

4. The Company reserve the right to cancel the Services and/or to prevent access to the Website and/or Services and/or to cancel participation of users whose behavior is inappropriate and/or not according to the rules and regulations herein and/or who may damage the Website.

5. Payment for the Services will be done by the link on the Website and subject to the Company’s approval.

6. Transaction cancellation and product return policy shall be in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulation (transaction cancellation) 5771-2010,, and Consumer Protection Law 1981.

7. A service can be cancelled, provided that the user sent the Company a written notice of 30 days in advance. 

8. The user shall not be entitled for a refund for Services that had been performed. 

9. The Services are available for the user within 24 hours after payment has been received. Consulting Services are scheduled in advance with the relevant consultant. 

10. The Services will be provided in accordance with the Service packages that will be offered by the Company. 

11. The Company is not responsible for physical or financial damages, or any other damage caused during Services. 

12. The Company shall use the information provided by the user solely for the purpose of the Services. Personal information shall not be disclosed and will not be used for marketing purposes without the permission of the user. Personal information shall not be transferred to a third party without the express permission of the user.

13. The Website is secured by advanced security measures, to ensure the proper use and safe browsing and maintain the privacy of the users.  The user undertakes to refrain from performing any action intended to disrupt the activity of the Website, stealing private information and/or hacking the Website security mechanism. The Company shall have the right to take any legal action possible, including blocking the user from accessing the Website ad taking legal proceeding against the user. 

14. All intellectual property rights on this Website, including copyrights, trademarks, and all intellectual property of any kind, are the exclusive property of the Company.

15. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish or use in any other way any information from the Website.

16. Any conflict arising in connection with the Services and/or the Website will be done in accordance with the Israeli law.


Financial Adventure Begins

The Money Quest:  - Introduction to the world of financial adventures  

- Treasures, quests, and the thrill of wealth creation

The Dream Map:  - Visualizing personal financial dreams  

- Creating vision boards for inspiration


Savings Safari

The Savings Jungle:  - Journey into the savings wilderness  

- Building a savings stash as your survival kit

Hidden Treasures Hunt: - Interactive game to encourage savings  

- Exploring the power of delayed gratification


Investment Expedition

Investment Island:  - Sailing to the mysterious land of investments  

- Magic seeds, money trees, and investment secrets

The Stock Market Adventure: - Fun and interactive stock market simulation  

- Understanding how stocks work


Creative Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur's Quest:  - Encouraging creative ideas and problem-solving  

- Role-play a young entrepreneur's journey

The Lemonade Stand Challenge:  - Starting a small business venture  

- Learning about profits, losses, and business ethics


Sharing and Philanthropy Quest

Heroes of Kindness: - Inspiring stories of young philanthropists  

- The joy of giving and making the world better

Creating a Charity Quest: - Designing charity projects or campaigns  

- Impact of charitable efforts on the community


Money Art and Storytelling

Money Art Gallery: - Exploring the art and history of currency  

- Creating art or storytelling around money themes

Financial Storytelling: - Encouraging students to create financial fables or tales  

- The power of narrative in wealth creation


Personal Finance Superhero Academy

Discover Your Financial Superpower: - Identifying individual financial strengths  

- Creating superhero personas for financial success

Financial Escape Rooms:  - Interactive games and puzzles to teach financial decision-making   - Solving money mysteries as financial superheroes


Future Wealth Vision

Time-Travel to Your Financial Future: - Imagining and drawing the future of wealth  

- Setting exciting long-term financial goals

Cosmic Wealth Visions:  - Exploring financial opportunities beyond Earth  

- The world of futuristic investments


Creativity in Financial Planning

Money and Mindfulness: - Combining creativity with financial planning  

- Visualization and creative journaling

Artistic Budgeting: - Creating budgets in a creative and visual way  

- Turning finances into an artistic expression


The Grand Financial Carnival

Carnival of Wealth Creation:  - Culminating event with games and challenges  

- Showcasing students' newfound financial skills


Celebration and Awards

Recognizing achievements and creative contributions. Emphasize creativity, imagination, and gamification to engage right-brain thinkers.



Celebration and Awards

Encourage students to explore, experiment, and apply their learning through interactive and imaginative activities. This approach can make the course exciting and memorable for teenagers while teaching essential concepts of saving, investing, and sharing.

Wealth Creation 101

Let us join you on this transformative journey to discover the wealth that will change your life.
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