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Comprehensive Financial Management


Get a complete view of your financial journey with our personalized dashboard. Plan for the future, analyze investments, and ensure you’re on track to meet your goals.


Key Features:

Holistic Financial Wellness Dashboard:

Consolidate all your financial accounts in one place.


Track your progress and plan your next steps.

Expert Guidance:

Receive personalized consultations from Soulful Money Experts.

Are you ready to align your financial strategy with your deepest aspirations?
Discover the peace and clarity that comes from having all your financial assets in one place. 

Explore Your Financial Landscape
with Soulful Money

Holistic Financial Wellness Dashboard

Bring together your group benefits plan, private insurance, and investment accounts onto a single platform. Analyze their performance and chart
your goals.

Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Embark on a path to financial freedom. Explore tailored strategies and expert guidance to secure your future. Unlock opportunities, build wealth, and live life on your terms.

Access Expert Guidance

Receive personalized 1:1 consultations with a Soulful Money Expert dedicated to supporting your financial journey. Let's walk this path together.

Track Goals, Plan Your Future

Monitor your progress with Soulful Money's innovative WealthScore™, revealing where you stand and the next steps on your financial roadmap.

Achieve Financial Wellness
with Peace of Mind

Are you certain about your path to financial freedom? Soulful Money's Dashboard brings all your investments, insurance, and aspirations together. Regardless of your income or life stage, gain clarity and confidence in aligning your financial strategy with your dreams.

Backed by unbiased guidance from Soulful Money Experts and our holistic WealthScore™, you're empowered to make informed decisions. It's not just about having money; it's about making it work for you. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty and take control of your future with Soulful Money.

How close are you to achieving financial freedom?

How much will your pension yield if you retire in ten years? 

Are your investments performing as you expect?

Have you protected your family with appropriate life, health, and disability policies?


Many people don’t know where they stand financially, which leads to anxiety and stress. Instead of staying in the dark or entrusting your financial security to others, take over the reins with a tool that lets you see and understand exactly where you stand. 


The Soulful Money dashboard consolidates all your investments, insurance products, and policies within one powerful visual platform. It’s never too early (or late) to start planning for the future. Wherever you’re at today, gain clarity and feel confident about your finances. 

Take Control of Your Financial Future 

Understand your wealth score 

Assess your financial wellness by generating a wealth score based on your readiness in the following areas: 


Planning how to earn and allocate funds for investments, important expenses like home-buying and children’s education, and retirement savings.


Protecting your wealth legacy by drawing up a will and power of attorney, planning your taxes efficiently, and establishing philanthropic endeavors.


Ensuring you and your family are optimally financially protected in case of unexpected events like death, major illness, or temporary or permanent disability.

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